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Promise Cleanser by Uniqkka – 5ml

We promise you’ll never need another shampoo. Due to our Uniqkka synergistic formulation and the introduction of Symforce Microalgae. One formula can do it all; cleanse, moisturize, repair, protect, volumize, prevent frizz, add sheen, prevent hair loss and Inspire Your Hair to look healthier and shinier with every use. With Promise Cleanser you’ll never need another shampoo.

Promise Conditioner by Uniqkka – 5ml

A lightweight, detangling moisturizer with a higher concentration of botanical extracts of grapefruit, tangerine and Aloe Vera. Promise conditioner reduces static, prevents dryness and gets weary strands back in shape. Symforce Microalgae builds strength while organic Argan oil helps balance moisture and improves the hairs texture.

Promise Serum by Uniqkka – 5ml

A lower viscousity of our highly rated Promise Serum formulated specifically for our Rejuvantor vapor flat iron. Promise Solution will penetrate deeper into each hair strand by our patent pending Rejuvinator vapor Iron. We have been manufacturing serum infused with organic Argan oil since our founding over 12 years ago. Our formula has been praised the world over and now with the introduction of our Symforce Micro Algae discovery, we have incorporated this new technology with our proven formula winner. Promise serum, quite simply promises to be the best serum you have ever used taming your hair instantly with control over frizz and fly aways while adding luster, shine and strength. Promise Serum provides 24 hour protection from humidity, heat and styling tools.

Promise Intensive Treatment by Uniqkka – 5ml

A highly developed, effective formulation for the treatment of damaged, dehydrated and thinning hair. Addressing the needs of the scalp while satisfy the needs of damaged hair. Formulated with an abundance of nutrient rich ingredients enhanced with DHT inhibitors and anti demodex ingredients to penetrate the epidermis and provide and ideal environment on the scalp for the growth of healthy hair. The core ingredient of this Uniqkka Promise Intensive Treatment is a combination of Symforce Microalgea, Biotin, B-Complex Vitamins, Amino Acids, and Proteins, Saw Palmetto, Pygeum bark and many others which provide the optimum environment for hair growth. Dermatological tested, and is safe to use. Re-grow your hair with this hair treatment.